A platform for a healthier lifestyle

Have you noticed the number of fitness apps on the market? They all provide tools to help accomplish your fitness goals but there is ALWAYS something missing. Now, for the first time there is an app that gives you everything you need, including your own personal trainer.

Gym Farm is more than a fitness app. It’s a personal coach, a lifting partner, and a fitness community. Gym Farm targets weaknesses and creates confidence while creating a fitness plan specific to your fitness needs. Once downloaded, the Gym Farm app does the rest.

After creating your profile and setting goals, Gym Farm’s algorithm goes to work. It studies your daily habits for feedback on ways to improve your healthy lifestyle. It creates workouts based on personal habits and its numerous health applications gives Gym Farm enough information to devise a plan specific to you.

Gym Assist with iBeacon Technology is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

When you enter the gym, Gym Assist already knows your habits, knows your goals, and what you need to do to get there. It instantly guides you through the workout, while recording your gym time, calories burned and is looking for ways to modify your next workout.

We understand the idea of entering a gym for the first time is a daunting experience. Your anxiety rises not knowing how to perform an exercise or use a piece of equipment. Gym Assist takes away the anxiety by coaching you through the entire process.There is no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for your personal trainer. Gym Assist and iBeacon is your self-service step-by-step fitness assistant.

Attached to each piece of equipment is an iBeacon sensor. As you are approaching the next exercise, your assistant is preparing you for the number or reps, sets, and proper use if needed. Once you complete an exercise, it is automatically downloaded into your app. This is done so you know exactly what you need to do to complete your workout. Gym Farm takes away your concern for the unknown.

You Always Know Exactly Where You Are and What Needs to be Done

Aside from its precise pedometer and ability to record water intake, you have a constant visual on the number of calories burned and consumed. Knowing this information pushes you to complete your daily goals, while showing you the path to future successes.

Need to monitor food intake, we have you covered. Look for our extensive food database coming soon. With thousands of different foods and recipes, you will know exactly your calorie intake for the day.

How does Gym Farm know what gym I attend and the equipment it has?

Gym Farm has contracted with gyms nationwide and plans to open it up to the world in the upcoming months. Each gym provides Gym Farm a layout and equipment availability. The app does the rest. When you enter the gym, your Gym Farm app is already going to work for you.

Gym Farm even rewards your accomplishments. As you progress, Gym Farm recognizes your hard work and rewards you a completion badge. Gym Farm has also teamed up with some of the nation’s top retailers to give incentives as you complete major hurdles.

Don’t be surprised to find a coupon for a free smoothie or a new pair of shoes when you log on in the morning.

The Future is Bright for Gym Farm

Gym Farm’s technology is only cresting the surface. In the upcoming months, look for Gym Farm’s cutting-edge wearable device to make your healthy life happier. Instead of using your phone, everything is on your wrist so you no precise information at the exact time it is needed.

Troy Simon