Hotel workouts

Travel can be one of life’s greatest joys. Going to visit your family in across the country is a lot of fun. It can also be a big annoyance. Travelling to a lifeless pit where your boss needs you to oversee the terms of a merger is no fun at all. No matter which type of travelling you are done one thing is clear; you need to stay on top of your workout plans.

If your hotel has a fitness center this will be easy. All you have to do is follow your routines. If your accommodations lack that particular feature, or you find they are an empty room with a set of weights that you are certain have never been touched by the disinfectant wash of the housekeepers, then you are in a little bit of a bind. Does that mean you give up on your workouts until you get back home? Of course not, you can get a workout done without any equipment if you are willing to be flexible.

Now lets talk bout some of the exercises you can do with nothing but your body and some floor space.


You can do these is sets of 10 or 15, as many as you feel comfortable doing. These will give you help with your arms and your chest muscles. If you make sure you engage them properly you can also get your abdominal muscles in on the action.


Crunches, in their standard or modified version, are great for your abs and your back. Much like the pushups you can do them in sets of 10 or 15, as many as you feel like you can manage without straining yourself.

Side Planks

The mighty side plank, for those of you not familiar with it, is done by lying on your side, supported by your bent arm. Then you lower and raise your body, using the muscles on the side of your back and abs, along with your shoulders to help in the process. If you are new to these best to try them in sets of five. They can be strenuous at first.


Start from a standing position, then bring one leg slightly forward and bend it with your knee down towards the floor. Bring your other leg back to a slightly stretched behind you position. Lean in toward the bent leg, stretching the leg behind you. Engage your core muscles as much as you can.

If you’re looking for some cardio, and the weather permits, you should also be able to sneak it in the form of a walk or a run outdoors. Just be sure to ask about a safe route at the front desk. The locals who work there will be aware of areas with bad traffic, construction, high crime, no sidewalks, or other issues that may make your walk less safe then it would otherwise be. Don’t be shy about asking, just be respectful. Don’t imply their town is crime ridden, even if statistics suggest it is, just ask for the nicest possible walking route.

Troy Simon