Fastpass for your facility

By now everyone knows what a FASTPASS is if you don't here is a quick tutorial. The idea was introduced about 15 years ago to reduce bridge and highway toll congestion by providing automobiles with an electronic device that transmit to a receiver when your car passes by, if you live in the Bay Area, this technology is a life saver. Since then, many industries have adopted this concept wherever there are lines to be formed. Disney pioneered this concept in its amusement parks through the use of NFC bands for it patrons. 

When we first started Gym Farm, we had a comprehensive understanding of beacon technology and what we could and could not do with it out of the box. This leads us to build our own frameworks that significantly increased its reliability and accuracy. Since then we have developed many products that used our technology from tracking to authentication. But the one thing our customer liked the most was facility check-ins.

When we developed our frameworks, we built the check-in features as part of the framework so our clients simply added our framework to any mobile app and they would have it instantly. This was a simple and invaluable function. So how does this provide a FASTPASS experience for your facility?

Let's take a simple scenario, during an automated check-in, the mobile phone recognizes a check-in beacon, it then sends a check-in call to our backend that transmits the data to the POS system. This is pretty simple, but how does the person at the front desk know this person is allowed to enter or better yet, this is the same person that has purchased the pass. Once you get past the technology, the implementation is quite simple, we use several techniques that I will go over in the below photos.

  1. The member must have a clear and large photo that we extract from the POS system or an authorized photographer. So when the person walks by the front desk their photos are clear and should match the person carrying the device.
  2. The second and most important is when we send the check-in, the POS system can validate the members account status, payment history to make sure they still have access to enter the facility. If that fails, the green strip will turn red and the member will get flagged and stopped at the gates, so to speak.



Troy Simon