Precor Announces New Partners for Preva®

Seattle, WA - March 2018 – Having celebrated the 500 millionth workout, completed this February at the Genesis Health Club in Olathe, KS, on the AMT®, Precor is expanding the cardio experience with the introduction of new Preva networked fitness capabilities.  New, proven and established partners are onboard giving operators ever increasing options, and the ability to truly enhance their operations and the exercisers’ experience.  

Dave Flynt, director, Experience Development Center at Precor comments: “Crossing the 500 millionth milestone is a nice indicator of both the scale of our digital network as well as the state of the fitness industry. It’s a strong sign that digital has reached a tipping point for fitness operators. And, of course, each of those workouts represents someone doing something to make themselves healthier, which is why we’re here in the first place.”

Precor is excited to introduce the following new Preva partners:

eGym® - The introduction of the eGym cardio training service enables operators to offer two ways to deliver personalized cardio workouts to their exercisers on Precor networked cardio equipment. First, the eGym system enables personal trainers to build personalized cardio workouts for their customers quickly and conveniently while in the gym. The exerciser receives that workout on any networked P82 or P62 console when they log into Preva.

Precor will be the first to launch the eGym SmartStart feature on its networked P82 or P62 consoles. With SmartStart, exercisers start with a step-by-step performance test that creates a baseline from which subsequent cardio workouts are prescribed.  Exercisers have the option to take a step-by-step performance test every three weeks in order to assess physical performance capabilities, which they can see displayed as ‘Cardio-Age’.  Test results are used to automatically update training objectives, and calculate the individual’s training program on all networked Precor cardio equipment.

Gym Farm - Easily share club events, promotions, and class schedules on club-branded, networked Precor cardio consoles, and your mobile app, using Gym Farm’s suite of design tools. The Gym Farm Health Data Network will securely connect facilities to the Go365 Wellness and Rewards program by Humana, so Preva personal account holders can seamlessly share workout data and automatically receive incentives and rewards.

ClubCom® - ClubCom leverages the industry-leading Preva open platform to provide custom branded, dedicated and interactive walk up screens and tiles that connect to facilities’ on-demand video library, personal trainer profiles, group exercise schedules, and much more. This custom branding and marketing service can be subsidized by allowing third-party advertisers to promote their products and services via pre-workout video shorts.

EXOS Energy Systems Development Technology (ESD) - A cardio training system that delivers a highly personalized, time-efficient, results-oriented and prescriptive interval cardio workout through Precor Experience™ Series 880 Line treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. Concentrating on human performance ESD enables exercisers to optimize their CV performance using the Preva interface.  This data driven software evaluates the current state of an exercisers’ fitness and provides targeted interval strategies tailored to the individual’s needs across each piece of cardiovascular equipment. 


A revolution in immersive exercise, RunTV, by partner VO2 Media, offers exercisers multiple channels, presenting inspiring, human-powered short films, training tips and expert coaching from fitness professionals, as well as stunning interactive trails.  In short, RunTV has something for everyone. 

From thrill seeking extreme environments to challenging runs, rides and climbs in some of the world’s most iconic and stunning locations, all networked Precor cardio equipment will sync effortlessly with RunTV.  Software-driven adjustments for resistance, incline and speed mimic the real-life fitness experience possible in the chosen location, while actual video footage brings races and locations to life, giving exercisers added incentive and motivation to accomplish the terrain.

GymKit® - Integration with GymKit and the Apple® watch is also underway to allow the transfer of workout data, such as heart rate, distance, duration and calories between cardio consoles and the Apple Watch. Release of this feature is anticipated in early 2019.

Additional fresh features like Bluetooth® headphone pairing, Bluetooth sign-in using a smart phone and single sign-on between a user’s Preva accounts and entertainment apps like Netflix®, Spotify® and Hulu® make it convenient for exercisers to access playlists and stay up to date on the latest shows and music while getting in a quality workout.

Greg Porcaro, Director of Audio/Visual, Midtown Athletic Clubs, Chicago, IL comments: “As the National Audio/Visual Director for Midtown Athletic Clubs, my focus is to help set our clubs apart from others by creating the best audio and video experience possible, no matter how big or small the club may be. The networked Precor cardio equipment with Preva is a key component. 

With Bluetooth audio, mobile phone sign-in, RunTV interactive workouts, and single sign-on that automatically connects exercisers to all their entertainment apps when they sign into Preva, we are able to create a branded member experience that they don’t get anywhere else. It puts our Precor cardio equipment in a league of its own.”

Troy Simon