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It has taken over a year to build our flagship platform, Health Data Network. A question we always get asked is "What is HDN?" Health Data Network is a data exchange where companies in the ecosystem can request data to extend their experiences. I want to be clear that our data exchange doesn't provide access to a member's personal information, the exchange uses this information to verify a person's identity only. All information must be confirmed and granted as part of the multi-tiered trust process. If you look deeper into our design, it is easy to see we are evolving our platform into a block-chain architecture where we will put the control into the member's hands. We will go into more detail on this topic in another posting.

Now that the HDN  has been running for over a year now, it was time to offer this service to other industries such as healthcare, insurance, gym equipment, clubs, management and IOT companies. To ensure the integrity of the network we had several requirements:

  1. Minimal Human Intervention - In the past, many of the solutions required a person to enter and manage their data before submission.
  2. Network Managed -  Managing performance optimization all entities must be controlled through the network. 

Using these two simple rules, the HDN can provide seamless data exchange and processing of data in a way that was not possible in the past (5 million daily check-ins).  Partners like Precor, Humana, and ABC Financial we were able to achieve a platform managed environment.  Humana uses the HDN to process their member wellness program Go365, Precor uses the HDN to power their new gym treadmill products where members can log in using their gym membership ID.  This type of data exchange enable wellness companies with new data points that will change member reward programs and offer a new reward scale I call Progressive Rewards. In the past members were rewarded for check-ins at the front desk but this process is flawed in many ways. Using progressive rewards and HDN the points are divided into smaller parts and function like a progrssive slot machine, the more you do the more you earn which  can add up to significant point combinations:

1 point - check-in

2 points - treadmill or 4 points - treadmill + heart rate

1 pont - HIIT video class or 4 points HIIT video class +  heart rate

As simple as this use case looks on paper, it's not if you had to build this network from scratch.

Health Data Network

Health Data Network

Troy Simon