Defining Fitness Concierge

So what do we mean by concierge experience? I am sure many of you have walked into an Apple Store to purchase a product or to check out the new tech. The one thing that stands out is there are no lines or counters. All the associates on the floor can assist with product discovery, purchase, and delivery. 

Now, let's take the current gym experience. Let's say it's your first time to Gym X. You walk into the facility and have to stop at the front desk to inform someone that you want to signup for a membership. They take you to a corner of the facility, sit you down, and have you fill in a bunch of forms. Sign here... initial here... When it's all done, you get a tour of the facility, and if you're like most people all you see is a lot of metal and people moving around. 

But what if this experience didn't have to be this way, let's overlay the Apple Store experience. You walk into Gym X where a greeter welcomes you into the facility. The greeter equipped with an iPad assists you with your signup, the process is quick and only takes 4 minutes with a tap the software pulls your home information from your contact list, pick your membership, scan your credit card and sign your documents with your finger. On completion, a welcome email arrives on your mobile phone that instructs you to download the mobile app. Your signup information gets transmitted to the greeters iPad, who can now tailor your onboard walkthrough based on information gathered during signup. "Mr. Smith, I see you like to participate in Spartan Races, we have several programs that fit your needs and when you're ready, use our app to connect with one of our trainers who can assist you using our HR training classes. Let me show you the equipment you will use during your workout. In the future, if I am not available, all of our associates can access your information and assist you." 

The above onboarding experience has a personal feel providing the member with a connection with the facility right away solidifying brand loyalty. Every time after that, when that member walks into the facility, they have the confidence that any team associate can help move them one step closer to their goal. Whether it's booking a class, training or purchasing a water bottle, every team member is equipped to handle the task. 

Troy Simon