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Concierge Health Management

Manage onboarding, book classes, and payments — all on Concierge

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Provide instant value when your member first joins your club

Equip you staff with the tools to bring your members a better experience. The first 10 min are a critical time for member retention. Using Concierge, your staff can spend time focusing on the member and not the paperwork. Members can start their on boarding experience in the comfort of their home and spend less that 10 min in the back office.


Create a professional client experience at every turn

Help your member to understand the roadblocks that they have experienced in the past that have stopped them from achieving their fitness goals. Then, make some suggestions as to how they can overcome these roadblocks.

Manage your member engagement

Lifestyle change is no small feat, and relapsing can be a common occurrence – a two week holiday can have you feeling like you’re back at square one with your fitness. Concierge, keeps your trainers and members connected in and out of the facility.


Insurance reimbursement enabled

Did you know your facility may be eligible to participate in health care reimbursement programs? Many of the largest carriers have programs that could pay your facility as long as your working with an authorized processor.

All-in-one place

Every associate is powered with the tools needed to help members. Concierge has been designed from the ground up to work better with people.


Supercharge your studio today!

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Joining the Health Data Network connects your members with many brand named companies that service fitness.  We are the first company to deliver a truly connected experience for members. Even if your members are away on vacation or work, they are always connected to your facility through our network.  Using their Gym Farm ID, members can receive discounts and special services from the partner network, even earn points on Reward Cerfied Equipment in your hotel or home.