Powerful features built for small businesses



All the features you need to manage memberships in one place.


Customer Tools

Store waivers, payment and visit history, important notes and more in one, instantly accessible profile.


Member Activities

Centralize all your data with member and employee management. Store client preferences, contact information, enrollment, purchase history & more.


Class Schedule

Fill your schedule faster by giving your members the freedom to book visits when they’re ready, both online and from their phones with the Concierge app.


Class Booking

Not only can members self check-in under 7 seconds flat, in this process we verify they have a valid digital waiver on file and paid to date.

As a coach, relax and focus on what you do best… coaching.


Monthly Billing

Easy member billing management through recurring card payments and direct debit integrated into the Concierge dashboard.


Point of Sale

Integrated upsell opportunities, webshop and point of sale functionalities make it easy to set up new sustained revenue streams.


Statistics and Reporting

Get insights that will have you making the best business decisions, faster. Whether it is highlighting if a promotion was successful, or which trainer boosts clients engagement, you'll have the info you need at your fingertips.