Gym Farm
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Joining the Health Data Network connects your members with many brand named companies that service fitness.  We are the first company to deliver a truly connected experience for members. Even if your members are away on vacation or work, they are always connected to your facility through our network.  Using their Gym Farm ID, members can receive discounts and special services from the partner network, even earn points on Reward Cerfied Equipment in your hotel or home. 

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Managing a gym is time-consuming work. Dealing with the daily activities of check-ins, training, and routine maintenance can take its toll. Having your facility participate in multiple insurance programs can benefit your facility, but the daily activities of keeping track of the programs, the members that participate and earned revenue each month is daunting work. No need to have someone spend hours compiling the needed information for each carrier when the Health Data Network can collect, process and submit this information on your behalf.

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Each day an updated Fitness Monthly Report will deliver your activities and if your health provider's daily requirements are met you receive your daily badge. Each badge represents every day you are getting closer to your monthly fitness reimbursement goal.


If you’ve ever taken a HIIT or running class, chances are the instructor will ask you to wear a heart rate monitor. Why? The range of your heart rate throughout your workout puts a number to the intensity of the exercise and how hard your body is working.



One of the fastest growing areas in our network is connected hardware. Our hardware partners have worked hard to connect their fitness hardware into the Health Data Network.  Corporate members that are part of a reimbursement program can now work out with confidence at their hotel's gym and earn wellness points simply by using HDN certified connected equipment.